Out and About Adventures employs qualified and highly experienced instructors.

We understand that not everyone wants to work towards a qualification; numerous paddlers have benefitted from individual or small group sessions to develop specific skills to enhance their paddling experience.

Expedition planning, developing of an efficient and safe rolling technique, coastal navigation and landing/launching in surf conditions are examples where customers have developed both confidence and technical skills to improve their performance.


DEPARTURE TIME Please ensure that you arrive for the session 15 minutes before the scheduled time with all gear to maximise activity time.
All necessary paddling equipment emergency communication devices
comprehensive first aid kit Professional instructor
A waterproof dry-bag will be provided to secure valuables such as car keys, wallets and cameras.
Swimmers/suitable clothing
Hat (preferably with a brim)
Windproof jacket
Enclosed footwear (may get wet) that will stay on if you capsize
1 litre of fluid to stay hydrated (minimum)
Any personal medication that may be needed (eg asthma puffer)


Mobile phones should be left on shore and those who bring cameras do so at their own risk.

Should you be unsure about the weather conditions and possible cancellation, or have any other questions, please contact Peter Vaughan Mobile- 0404 878 332

Newcastle Harbour


Wangi Wangi, Lake Macquarie


Sydney Harbour


Hawksbury River

     DATE      LOCATION        ACTIVITY LENGTH      COST     
August 5, 2018 Lake Macquarie/Wangi area  3 hours  $75 per person
 August 19, 2018

Night Kayak in Newcastle Harbour

Paddle n Pizza Tour

3 hours


 $95 per person
 September 9, 2018

Hawkesbury Kayak & BBQ

BBQ lunch is provided

 7 hours

$125 per person

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to bring my own equipment?

No, just comfortable clothes

How do I find our meeting point?

Once booked, we’ll send you an information sheet with instructions on how to find us

Do I need a 4wd to get to the activity location?

No, most of the locations are on well maintained dirt roads

What is the minimum age limit of participants? 

8 years of age and must be accompanied by a parent or guardian

Are there toilets at the activity site?

Some operating sites have a toilet nearby, otherwise we will provide a toilet kit for participants to use in a bush location.

Can I bring a camera /phone?

Definitely -but you do so at your own risk. We will be taking pictures to share with the group.

Do I have to complete a qualification?

Not at all, though we can over time develop your skills to a level that allows for assessment/certification.

Can you teach me specific skills in-support strokes/rolling, rescues, capsize and exit techniques, and packing for expeditions? 

Most definitely!

What is the minimum group size for skills sessions?

2 participants


Have a question that we haven’t answered here?

Send your query to us and we’ll be in touch