Harness –> Helmet –> Safety briefing –> Adrenaline –> Descend!

Walking backwards off a cliff is not a ‘normal’ activity but participants on our abseiling programs are introduced to both equipment and techniques that make it quite safe yet still challenging.

We focus on promoting good technique and confidence on small sections of cliff before gradually increasing the height and raising the challenge!

Cliffs we regularly use are sandstone and range in height from five to 80m with the waterfall at Gap Creek Falls (45m) in Watagans National Park being the most spectacular.

DEPARTURE TIME Please ensure that you arrive for the session 15 minutes before the scheduled time with all gear to maximise activity time.
All necessary abseiling equipment emergency communication devices
comprehensive first aid kit Professional instructor
Suitable clothing that allows freedom of movement
Hat (preferably with a brim) or cap
Windproof jacket
Enclosed sturdy footwear
Small daypack to transport own gear
1-2 litres of fluid to stay hydrated
Any personal medication that may be needed (eg asthma puffer)


The security of valuables such as car keys, wallets, cameras, and any personal gear is the responsibility of each client.

There is no mobile phone reception at the abseiling site.

Should you be unsure about the weather conditions and possible cancellation, or have any other questions, please contact Peter Vaughan Mobile- 0404 878 332

Glenrock State Conservation Area

is an easy introduction to abseiling on natural cliffs up to 20m high under the supervision of qualified guides. This is a great option for those who may want to try a full day session at a later date, as students should complete a minimum of 10-12 descents.


Watagans National Park

is a sequenced program that gradually exposes people to the adventure activity of abseiling on natural cliffs up to 45m high under the supervision of qualified guides, with participants completing a minimum of 6-8 descents for the day.


Gap Creek

This abseiling program takes place in the Gap Creek area of the Watagans National Park, and occurs in natural rainforest. Abseils are interesting and challenging and a short section of canyon will be included, which includes 2 swims and a jump of 6m into a clear, cool waterhole. Depending on group progress, this session finishes with a descent down Gap Creek Falls (45m). This session is delivered by a qualified and experienced tutor in a great bush location and participants always find this a rewarding program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to bring my own equipment?

No, just comfortable clothes

How do I find our meeting point?

Once booked, we’ll send you an information sheet with instructions on how to find us

Do I need a 4wd to get to the activity location?

No, most of the locations are on well maintained dirt roads

What is the minimum age limit of participants? 

8 years of age and must be accompanied by a parent or guardian

Are there toilets at the activity site?

Some operating sites have a toilet nearby, otherwise we will provide a toilet kit for participants to use in a bush location.

Can I bring a camera /phone?

Definitely -but you do so at your own risk. We will be taking pictures to share with the group. 


Have a question that we haven’t answered here?

Send your query to us and we’ll be in touch