My love for the outdoors began as a kid playing in the bush, and I’ve continued this passion in my professional life as a guide, instructor and trainer over the last decade. My particular interests include group journeys, rites of passage, and the therapeutic benefits of nature contact and adventure. 

I have always been an outdoorsy person, so to get qualified, work and guide in the outdoor recreation field was a natural step. It’s my passion – whether I’m underground caving, on the water paddling, or hanging off of a cliff face, I get into it all any chance I get.

I now love being able to take others out and show them how good the great outdoors is, and to teach them new skills.

Becky Harding

Being brought up with parents who love the outdoors, it was only natural that I would develop the same love and passion for the outdoors and adventure. As I got older I decided that I wanted to share this passion and allow others to experience the same joy I get whilst outdoors experiencing everything that is on offer. I enjoy helping people get over their fears and embracing the challenge, its what drives me to keep doing more. My favourite part of the outdoors is definitely seeing all the beautiful places this world has to offer whether it be by paddling, hiking or climbing, I love it all! Each day is a new adventure!

I used to sit at a desk all week dreaming and waiting for the weekend-now my job is my weekend!  I have been adventuring since 2008 and love taking people out of their comfort zone to challenge themselves and see a rewarding smile or burst of laughter. I like roping whether its abseiling or climbing.

My favourite place would have to be some of the coastal climbing in the Nelson Bay area, where you can climb hard for the day and then jump into the blue waters and go for a swim!

I love being outdoors and have done so for quite a while. Apparently my parents found me climbing on the roof of the house when I was only 18 months old and I love getting out on the rocks with friends and clients. After completing a Diploma in Outdoor Recreation, I’ve been working as a freelance outdoor adventure guide.

My next project is to undertake the Great North Walk(hoping to complete in 10 days) and hoping to get back on some white-water in my playboat in the coming months.

With a background in teaching at secondary and tertiary levels, I enjoy helping others appreciate the outdoors and develop confidence in their own abilities. While my primary interests are in paddling activities on rivers, lakes and the ocean, I also enjoy abseiling and hiking and leading a groups to Tanzania and Mt Kilimanjaro (5895m).

I particularly enjoy programs that have mixed modes of travel (particularly if some fishing is involved) and those that take me to new locations.